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Propelling at-market start-ups to the next level.

Need a Push?

It’s classic. You finally get your amazing new product to market only to discover you need a completely different skill set.

Cue the big Catch-22.
The one where you need money to hire good people so you can prove yourself in the market, but no one will give you money because you haven’t proven yourself in the market.

You’re stuck.
That’s where we come in.
We invest capital and expertise in at-market early stage companies we believe in.

We Bring Your Great Idea to Market

We help technology startups and inventors to bring emerging technologies to market. We work with scientists and engineers with technology or products that are ready to market, as well as companies in need of help moving forward.

Our goal is to help build successful technology companies. We work with software and hardware alike.

We invest in technologies and startups via funding and services, in exchange for equity, service fees, or a combination of both. We provide the startup team needed to kickstart a new company.

Amplify United brings a new approach to helping entrepreneurs. We bring our considerable experience to every engagement and we look for opportunities where our collective expertise, energy and networks can make a difference.

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Meet Our Team

We’re good people, in both senses of the word. We invest capital and expertise in at-market early stage companies we believe in. We’ve got skills in key areas – business strategy, IP, legal, funding, marketing, PR and design – and we have started companies ourselves.

  1. Jon Maroney
    Jon Maroney
    Managing Partner
  2. Juli Morse
    Juli Morse
    Managing Partner
  3. Todd Skiles
    Todd Skiles


Need some help getting to Market?

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